Treatment of Diabetes through Homeopathy

Here's everything you need to know about homeopathy to treat and control your diabetes.


Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease that is the result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or body cells not responding properly to the insulin produced. Diabetes is a debilitating disease that severely impacts the quality of life, and can assume serious proportions and complications, many of which prove fatal in later life.


Conventional medicine relies on substituting the natural insulin produced by the pancreas, with synthetic insulin in the form of oral medication or injections. Since this is just a replacement therapy, it renders diabetics to become dependent on external sources of insulin for the rest of their lives. 



Homoeopathy, on the other hand, can be used effectively in the treatment of diabetes. Homeopathy concentrates on improving and restoring the functioning of the pancreas, so that it produces insulin more efficiently and spurs body cells to use the insulin, thereby getting rid of insulin resistance.


Homeopathy prescribes treatment based on the individual characteristics of the patient suffering from a disease. The same pattern is followed in the treatment of diabetes too.

The homeopath takes a detailed history of the patient- his age, personal medical history, past history, emotions, fears, preferences, likes, dislikes, behaviour patterns, etc. and understands the individualising features of the patient. 


Next, he takes into account the patient’s general health, the progress of the disease, affected organs, complications, systemic involvement, duration of illness etc.

After considering all these points, and using his skill, knowledge, and experience, the homeopath arrives at a constitutional remedy for the patient, one that is tailored specifically to his requirements. Constitutional remedies go deep into the patient’s system and treat the disorder from the root. Along with treating the disease, they also improve the individual’s health in general.


Additionally, homeopathy is extremely successful in healing the complications associated with diabetes, such as diabetic nephropathy (damage to kidneys caused by diabetes), diabetic retinopathy (damage to eyes caused by diabetes), nerve disorders, skin ulcers, weakness, fatigue and other related issues. 


Dr. Jaswant Patil, a homeopathy specialist, states the example of his patient Harish who was suffering from a diabetic complication of kidney failure. Harish was on two tablets a day of diabetes, 8 points of insulin and was on dialysis since his creatinine was 4.8, after 6 months of treatment he was completely off allopathy medicines and dialysis. Now his creatinine value is at 1.2 and blood sugar is in control. Harish credits the doctor since he can consume a nondiabetic diet. 


Diabetes can be managed, and even reversed, with the correct homeopathic constitutional remedy, along with lifestyle modifications such as a healthy diet, plenty of exercises and maintaining optimum weight. A positive outlook and trust in the homeopathy go a long way in treating diabetes.


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